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Why Us?

freedom for you

  more time with family

  no worries about people dropping by unexpectedly

  no stress about family and friends visiting

  less preparation for parties and special events

  no harsh chemicals

freedom for others

10% donated to human trafficking victims' organizations

Interested in learning more about organizations helping victims of Human Trafficking? Please click here for more information.

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The Freedom Cleaning Team

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Rosalynn Robb

Entrepreneur | Owner | Human Trafficking Victims' Advocate

At the age of five, while playing house with friends, I blurted out, "I just make money" and decided then and there to leave the whole "playing house" scene.  I have always had the mind of an entrepreneur, I am constantly coming up with new business ideas and my family and friends are never surprised when I "just go for it."

After my Dad retired from the Navy, our family joined my Uncle Rick in the traveling concessions business.  My appetite for small business grew at the age of 9 when I learned how to efficiently and effectively run an ice cream trailer.  I quickly learned the importance of placing customers first while presenting a clean, professional image.

As a full-time college student, I became a house manager for two physicians and served as a part-time nanny for two attorneys.  I loved serving busy professionals in their homes to enable them to have quality time with their families. 

After graduating college, I synergized my love for cleaning with my passion for helping victims of human trafficking by creating Freedom Cleaning in 2014 in Louisville, KY.  We serve residential clients with cleanings while donating to organizations that help victims of modern-day slavery.

Freedom's team and clientele grew quickly and I launched a second location in Lexington, KY two and a half years later. In the summer of 2017, I met my husband Andrew, who serves in the United States Air Force.  He quickly swept me off my feet and we tied the knot in March of 2018. 

Life as an active duty military spouse has challenges, but also creates opportunities to serve our community and country as a whole in unique ways and on a larger scale.  After six and half years as a business owner, I have operated a company in two different locations, while managing a skilled team from three different states. I am incredibly proud of the professional growth I’ve seen in my team as their unique gifts have helped make Freedom what it is today! Your team is your greatest asset, and there is no way I could keep Freedom operating and thriving without the confidence and trust I have in each individual of my team who continues to faithfully serve amazing families in Kentucky.

Robbie Read

Executive Team Leader

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I am grateful for Freedom Cleaning in many ways. For the opportunity to serve busy families, build trusting relationships with clients, and working as a team with my fellow employees. Freedom Cleaning has taught me the importance of using your skills in a way the both benefits the client as well as myself. I have grown in many areas while working both as a cleaner and a business manager. Skills that have helped me open my own massage practice, which I can honestly say I could not have done without the teaching and leadership of Rosalynn Robb, the owner of Freedom Cleaning. Working for Freedom Cleaning for 7 years is a tremendous blessing! 


In my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing Pickle ball, cooking/baking and listening to music. :) 

Our Incredible Team Members
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  Kes                              Justin                            Esther

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Team Leader
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Coming Soon Facebook Post.png

Louis                            Claudia                         Rachel

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Lacey                     Kaitlyn

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