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Our Products

At Freedom Cleaning we understand cleaning is an issue of health and stewardship. We are committed to using top of the line, environmentally-friendly products in your home. We know that harsh chemicals can trigger allergies, asthma and other illnesses. We promise that we will only use products that aid in purifying your home and will not add unnecessary odors or product build-up. We want to contribute to providing a lasting, healthy home. 


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Unfortunately, due to our supply providers we are unable to advertise and list our cleaning products on our site. We would be happy to bring along a list of our natural cleaning products we use at a home estimate.

Did you know?


  • Studies are showing that many cleaning products today have harmful chemicals in them, and natural products can clean just as well if not better than most synthetic cleaners? Freedom Cleaning uses all natural products for safe and effective deep cleaning.

  • Have you heard the term "indoor air pollution?" According to, common "cleaning" products may actually pollute the air you breathe. Freedom Cleaning uses natural cleaning products and plant-derived scents to maintain clean, fresh air in your home

  • Shocking fact form "The average home today contains more toxic chemicals than the average chemistry laboratory at the turn of the century." When you invite Freedom Cleaning into your home, you can be certain that you will not return to a chemistry lab but to a fresh, organically clean home

  • From "Cleaning products are necessary for maintaining attractive and healthful conditions in the home and workplace. In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits of cleaning, the removal of dust, allergens, and infectious agents is crucial to maintaining a healthful indoor environment. But cleaning products can present several health and environmental concerns. They may contain chemicals associated with eye, skin, or respiratory irritation, or other human health issues." Freedom Cleaning is proud to use products that help maintain the cleanliness of your home without adding unnecessary or hazardous chemicals! Call today for a free estimate or to schedule your next cleaning.





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